Video Advertising – Why It Works

Video advertising why it works

There is no shortage of material circulating business hubs imploring marketers to make the shift towards video advertising – but what is it about video content that makes it so successful?

The plain and simple answer is that it works.

Here are a few insights into the powers at play when it comes to why video advertising is taking the market by storm, and why more and more businesses are (rightly) jumping on the bandwagon.


#1 Video Advertising Increases Conversions


Video allows you to cast a wider net in terms of audience reach. According to Cisco, 80% of online consumer traffic will come from video by 2019.


video advertising traffic statistic


With the advent of autoplay on Facebook and YouTube video ads, the volume (and diversity) of people exposed to video advertising has skyrocketed. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of consumers engage regularly with these social media platforms.

Additionally, video ads can now be targeted at specific audiences based on elements such as their demographic and their interests. This allows you to zone in on more qualified prospective buyers, rather than hoping your ad will reach the right customers.


#2 Google Loves Videos


Having a video on your website can vastly improve your ranking on Google. A primary reason for this is that Google owns YouTube. With 3.5 billion searches per day on Google and just over 1 billion users on YouTube, they are the largest and second-largest search engines, respectively.

Although Google are the only ones who know exactly how their complex algorithm works, what we do know is that sites with video content are favoured when it comes to showing on the first page.

That being said, this will make all the more difference if your video is properly optimised.


#3 People Prefer Videos Over Written Content


Forbes states that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. Think about how many times you’ve hit the brakes on reading through an entire article. How much more likely are you to engage with a video? The reality is that consumers in this day and age are equally time and focus-poor.


consumers prefer watching video statistic


Although statistics offer some great insight, it’s just as important to understand why this is the case from the perspective of consumer psychology. Take a peek at our blog ‘The Psychology Behind Video Advertising’ for more on this.


Ultimately, the trend towards video advertising is one worth investing in. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to statistical conversions to sale and how much everyone (including Google!) loves video.


Want to learn more about video advertising? Here’s a link to our other blogs, or click below to get in touch with an expert!


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