Web Presence – It’s More Than Just a Website!

What is Web Presence? Web Presence is more than just your website

Most people associate web presence with their business’s website. But it’s actually more than that. A lot more. Here are some things to consider when thinking about web presence:

  • How does your business look when people search for you online?
  • Is your website friendly to mobile web users?
  • What’s your presence like on social media and local listing sites?
  • Is your website structured with core SEO components to help it show up in local search?

Each of these components combine to make up your overall web presence and relate directly to how you get found and appear online.

As digital competition grows, more and more consumers are turning to the web for local information. That’s why having a strong and holistic web presence is rewarding for businesses that want to reach local consumers. Think about all the ways consumers are looking for and discovering businesses online – from search to social, paid to organic and desktop to mobile.

It can seem overwhelming to set up and manage each of these digital marketing tactics and track how each of them are performing. Traditionally, SEO providers will measure success in keyword movement and social media managers will report on likes and followers. While this information is useful, it does not provide clear insights or a direct correlation of customer conversions.

ReachLocal have designed a technology, which we refer to as ReachEdge that tracks where your email enquiries, chat conversations, calls and ultimately all of your conversions came from – giving you meaningful insights into how each of your marketing channels are performing.

How does it work?

ReachEdge is an easy-to-use lead tracking and conversion software designed to give you access to real-time insights into the performance of your marketing channels and allow you to identify if you are investing in the right digital marketing activities to drive more customers to your business.

It’s so good it even won Google’s Premier SME Partner Innovation Award for its exceptional innovation in data driven marketing. ReachEdge makes online marketing more transparent, accessible and easy to understand. Ultimately it allows you to understand how you can improve your web presence and get the most out of your marketing budget; leading to a smarter digital marketing journey.

Aron Warren

Aron is a Digital Marketing Consultant at ReachLocal. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, Aron sees the importance for small businesses to understand the best practice when it comes to marketing and digital strategies. He has a wealth of experience working with SMEs throughout Australia guiding them to business growth as well as improving their digital web presence. Marketing should be judged by real customers and real ROI, which is what Aron's vision is with every business he partners with.

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