What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Reporting Platform

digital marketing reporting platform

Reporting platforms add value by empowering businesses to make demonstrably better data-based decisions. These in turn, help increase profitability and performance.  

Marketing reports should be used on a regular basis to monitor the performance of a business’ various marketing initiatives, and to help get a better understanding of their customers. 

There are a few important questions a business should ask when looking to get the most out of a marketing reporting platform.  

#1 Does the platform give us a good understanding about our leads and clients and how they found us? 

Knowing why and how your leads became customers in the first place gives you a competitive advantage. When a business knows this, they can fine-tune their marketing campaigns, services and promotions to retain and grow their existing loyal customer base, target the most profitable ones, and increase customer satisfaction. Reporting tools that reveal these insights become powerful keys to helping a business to grow.  

#2 Does the platform provide valuable insights from various data sources? 

Many businesses have data that is stored in separate information silos — you might have marketing information in one database, client information in a second database, and financial information in a third. With a good tool, you can combine data from multiple sources, view it from different perspectives and distribute it more easily on one platform. 

#3 Is the data easily interpretable and accessible?  

Producing valuable information from various sources of data is often a challenge for a business to achieve. While there are a number of reporting tools available today (such as Google Analytics), without the right strategy or know-how, reports and dashboards can be difficult to update and not very user-friendly. All the data in the world will not help if it cannot be viewed in a way that is easily understood.

Unpacking ReachEdge

ReachLocal’s All-In-One Reporting Platform

ReachLocal’s award-winning ReachEdge software tracks leads and calls that come through your website and helps you convert those leads into sales. It has a powerful reporting platform – let’s see how it can help your business. 

Complete Marketing Insights Made Simple 

ReachEdge can easily be added to the back-end of your website and works with existing business systems and processes. ReachLocal makes it easy by setting up everything for you, so you can focus on running your business. Once implemented, ReachEdge is preconfigured to start delivering results. 

Where some platforms are costly to implement and require multiple systems that need to be integrated with multiple reports, ReachEdge offers a unified approach giving you access to a suite of built-in reports that can give valuable insights in real time.  

ReachEdge is the one reporting platform for all your digital marketing channels, be it social media marketing such as Facebook and YouTube, or Search Marketing and Retargeting. Apart from media campaigns, it also reports on organic leads coming from various sources such as Search Engines and Directories, so nothing is missed. Every call, email and contact form is tracked, giving you a complete picture of where your marketing spend is going and what is ultimately delivering leads. 

Why would I use this instead of Google Analytics (GA)? 

ReachEdge lets you go beyond GA to see where each individual lead has come from, helping you evaluate your marketing return on investment. GA is great at telling you where web visitors are coming from, yet two-thirds of your peers still don’t know what marketing is working for their business (InfusionSoft and LeadPages, Feb 2016). 

marketing activity report reachedge

Reporting tools can relieve the headache associated with monitoring and evaluating a business’ various marketing initiatives and their outcomes. ReachEdge is easy to setup and provides accessible and insightful reports that help businesses produce actionable results and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Damien Fahy

Damien is the product champion for the Client Centre and ReachEdge products at ReachLocal and has been involved in numerous projects in the APAC region. He currently works as a Technical Product Manager for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand. During his spare time Damien likes to read, watch sci-fi series, and, on the weekends, enjoys hiking through New Zealand's diverse nature.

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