Best Practices for Managing Negative Online Reviews

A person leaves you an unhappy review of your product or service online. What do you do? Do you lose faith in your business, or do you end up ignoring the customer and their review?  The number one thing is that you should never ignore them! Online reviews work a lot like word of mouth referrals. Consumers are likely to read others’ experience with your business before betting their money. 90% of us read online reviews, and usually, the top six reviews help determine our buying decision. You need to understand that no business is perfect, and you’ll never be able to please everyone. Receiving negative


Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Why are online reviews important to your business?

By ReachLocal Australia Sales Manager, Garry Mautner.    How many times have I heard this?  “No, it’s okay. All of our business comes through word-of-mouth and referrals. We don’t need any help with online marketing, thanks.”  Let’s take a step back and think about this a bit more. Is there anything we do these days, where we don’t read online reviews?    You’re planning a birthday surprise for your significant other. You know you’re under pressure to do better than last year, because that sad excuse of a hotel (in the middle of the sticks, with a


5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews

5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews | ReachLocal

Whether it’s choosing a restaurant or deciding on which movie to watch, we frequently turn to online reviews to help us make decisions. Thanks to the internet, we are now more informed and empowered by leaving reviews on business sites, search engines and social media. In fact, 90% customers read online reviews before making any buying decisions – completely changing the way we purchase products and services. Customer reviews are extremely influential in helping to increase your sales. They are one of the best ways to get


[Infographic] Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the most significant and extensive business network on the planet. Your business should be using it to build relationships, establish thought leadership, improve your reputation and build a solid online community. Here are seven easy to follow tips from ReachLocal’s marketing experts on how to create a powerful LinkedIn company page for your business.