OK Google, Optimise My Business For Voice Search 

How Can I Optimise Business For Voice Search

We are all aware that voice technology is on the rise. With tech giants building more devices with digital assistants and consumer demand growing, one thing is clear; voice search is here to stay.  

Voice Search Devices


Current trends

41% of adults and 55% of teens are using voice search daily, making this a trend that cannot be ignored. What does this mean for our Australian market and local businesses?


Our Product Manager Rooman Osamany notes, “We have seen this reoccurring trend with all our solutions – whether it is YouTube AdvertisingReachSearch or ReachDisplaywe notice here in Australia we pick up on trends not long after they have gained popularity in the US markets”. 


Consumer behaviours around voice technology

As Google’s CEO Sundar Pachai says “We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile first to an AI-first world”. 

This means, from calling out to Alexa on Amazon Echo while cooking, to asking Google Assistant for a quick fact while driving – these practices are becoming increasingly common for consumers. The new world of AI, virtual / augmented reality and voice search makes urban lives easier and more convenient.

The prediction is, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

Voice Search 2020


So then how do you find the right keyword for your business?

Among the trillions of Google searches processed every year, 15% are for new phrases never seen before. ReachLocal’s conversion-based optimisation technology identifies and recommends new positive and negative keywords to constantly fine-tune traffic going to the websites of businesses –resulting in better conversion rates.

Long-Tail Keywords

Spoken phrases are longer than typed queries. On average, between six and nine words are used in a voice search query, so the focus needs to be on long-tail keywords.


Marketers need to keep a close watch

The popularity of voice activated devices make a new paradigm for marketers. This means marketers need to keep a close eye on data patterns and understand a client’s brand voice to get a clear lead in the voice search revolution.


Be prepared and have a plan

Businesses need to have a plan in place to ensure that spoken keyword phrases are incorporated into their content to stay ahead of their competitors.

Don’t be alarmed by this shift, ReachLocal is prepared to help businesses adapt, with digital marketing solutions incorporating long-tail keywords to capture these consumers.


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Dhwani Dave

Dhwani is a Public Relations and Marketing enthusiast who has a natural knack for creating strong content and strategies. Currently she works as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, looking after both internal and external communications. When she's not busy promoting our brand, she's actively promoting life on Instagram, making short singing videos, enjoying yum cha, planning getaways and exploring the city's best cafes.

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