The Psychology Behind Video Advertising

86% of internet users have been swayed by video advertising to purchase a product. That’s almost double that of written content, sitting at only 44%. This staggering statistic highlights the serious power of video when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of purchasing behaviour.

video advertising statistic

So why is video advertising so successful when it comes to engaging audiences? The answer lies in consumer psychology.

There are 3 ‘powers of persuasion’ (also known as the pillars of rhetoric) that can be used to appeal to an audience, and these are precisely why people love video so much.


#1 Pathos (Emotions)

Appealing to the audience’s sense of pathos means engaging with them emotionally. Video advertising is most commonly super appealing to audiences because it evokes feelings, whether that comes from something humorous or connects to someone on a deep-seated emotional level.

Video advertising has the added advantage of being multi-sensory. Written content simply doesn’t have the same impact as video, as it doesn’t offer the same visual and aural elements.


#2 Ethos (Credibility)

Ethos refers to the credibility of your brand, content and ambassadors. Video advertising such as Facebook Live and ‘stories’ can have a huge impact on your brand as they are done in real-time and are therefore perceived to be more relatable and trustworthy. Plus, this has the added benefit of giving you some sweet social cred that people are able to easily share with others to position you as a trusted advisor.


#3 Logos (Logic)

An ad that appeals to a sense of logos means it makes logical sense to the audience. A good example of this is using statistical data or known facts in order to make a point. A lot of successful video advertising will hit the audience with an impressive or shocking statistic in order to make an impact, making it close to impossible not to continue watching to find out more. This is a particularly handy tip when it comes to YouTube Ads, so that they grab the audience’s attention in the first few seconds!

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