What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

You have heard of Digital Marketing Consultants (DMC), but you’re not too sure what they really do. Don’t worry – You are not alone! Before working in digital marketing, I was also clueless. 

They have many different roles and responsibilities and considered as a jack of all trades. Ideally, they are responsible to get the business visible online and help attract new customers.  

With more and more businesses looking for effective digital marketing, the need for skilled and experienced DMCs are always in demand. 

To learn more about them, we decided to interview one of our Sydney based Digital Marketing ConsultantsIvan Rios, who will tell us everything that you should know. 

Hi Ivan, thanks for doing this interview. Could you tell us, what attracted you to Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing consultants are involved in advising businesses on the best methods to reach their potential customers and with my background in sales, I knew I would be a right fit and was highly motivated to grow my career in online marketing. I also wanted to know what Google was all about. 

Tell us a little bit about how you came to work for ReachLocal? 

I had just returned from six months of traveling and was looking for a job in digital marketing. It was the most up and coming industry, and I wanted to learn more about the future of online advertising. I started my journey with ReachLocal 7 years ago, as an Internet Marketing Consultant. Since then I have seen digital landscape evolve. You never stop learning! 

What does a ‘usual day’ (9 to 5) look like for you? 

Firstly, no two days are the same for a DMC. Usually, my day would start with creating an agenda of all the meetings for the day. I usually go to current clients’ site, discuss their overall campaign performance, which would then get followed by scheduling meetings with new prospects and constantly be looking out for new account opportunities. Basically, I am always on the move.  

How do you know which solution would work the best for each business?  

Well, first thing first, each client’s needs and goals are different and unique to each business. You really need to do your homework and find out that gap that can help expand their business. Work together with your client to identify their needs. Not all solutions are for every business. Remember we are here to HELP the client with a problem not to SELL them a problem.  

What keeps you going every day?  

There are a lot of things, but to name a few, I truly enjoy helping businesses grow and make a significant difference.  

You work with a number of clients, how do you manage your time to ensure the best service for each of them? 

Well, to be honest, you must be organised and be excellent with time management to ensure you are giving ongoing service and support to all your clients. I work closely with my support team, ensuring we are servicing and empowering each client as much as we can.   

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in digital marketing?  

Educate yourself! If you have never worked in the industry, then read about it, donline courses, see Digital Garage by Google. Familiarise yourself with digital marketing solutions that are out there, for e.g. Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads & more. Get familiar with the digital marketing jargon. Stay confident! 


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